Adult chatango rooms

See rules, staff, layout, full realm detail along with information and available RP jobs and lodging, visit the full website at atrueangelsbar., Our OOC chat is atruebar., For group RP Discussion use our Event Room thetruebarrpt., The Bar universe time is set as MST (US/Mountain Standard Time) If bar is on self served assume your order and payment is handled via the “Money Fairy” A NPC in the form of a glowing orb.Please note to post here means you agree to the USER AGREEMENT found at the bottom of the page on the full website.

If there is any misunderstanding or disagreement about the contents of this page, leave now.chatango.com12160- NWO CHAT ROOM Infowars MODERATED CHAT ROOM !!! ROOM Clicking this gives that user a point from your points.Only accumulates during a chat session and does not save. Join us for RP, online games, competition's or just stop in to meet people and chat!


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