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This seems extremely useful, and probably not hard to implement. We've been asking ourselves "where it could be" without even thinking it was not an existing functionality... This problem only gets worse the more we use the program and the more channels and messages we have.That's a real drawback I'm pretty sure the awesome team here will take care of ! I will increase my bounty offer if someone will sort this.Many thanks for your good work guys ;) Maybe it would help for us to clarify WHY we want a global search. Surely there are some other people out there who would be willing to join me in offering a bounty?

Consumers can then start a Google Hangouts conversation with the business, where they can have more flexibility to make reservations, check product availability, and ask menu-specific questions of a restaurant, for example.

Google is experimenting with a service that incorporates Google Hangouts into its search results, a move that could allow local businesses to better communicate with consumers.

The test was first spotted by Twitter user @Matt Gibstein.

To show more results, you can use one of the buttons that shows all results, for example, Show all 1109 results… When you do choose one of the Show all options, you will be brought to a list of chats/tickets that are connected to your search.

Trim down the search results further by using the filtering options.


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