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Erik Gustaf David Norén, was one of the two frontmen (vocals, guitar) of Swedish rock band Mando Diao.He was born to Jan Norén and Kerstin Bengtsson-Norén on the 1st of February, 1981 in Borlänge (Sweden)[email protected] RI'll have to give Inglorious Basterds a rewatch to see if my position on Kruger"s performance changes.I've only seen it once, around the time it came out, and Laurent"s was the only female performance that stuck with me.In spite of this, 700 people have registered for 500 available places. Last week, Andre – who was born in Melbourne – was interviewed by an Australian news channel and asked to describe her work.“I interpret my style as a magic abstract universe; it doesn’t sit in one tiny sphere, it goes out and explores the world,” she said.“I don’t have any plan before I put a drop on the canvas,” she continued, “and when I paint I just feel free and am inspired by animals, documentaries and the amazing things I see in nature and the cosmos.”The usual artistic waffle? Except it’s probably worth mentioning that Aelita Andre is eight years old.Horses four courses If your summer social calendar cannot find space for Royal Ascot this season, you can take solace from a competition run by the organisers that has as its prize a Michelin-star meal for two – courtesy of Michael Caines and Phil Howard – served on the back of a Victorian landau carriage as you travel along the South Bank in London this Thursday lunchtime.

Not sure how to contact them to fix that but waiting to get more info.

Laurent was hugely deserving of an oscar nomination...this whole thing about Kruger feels new and random.

She did not have anything like the same impact in that film as Laurent.

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