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On the night of the 13th, we put up a few hundred posters at Melbourne Zoo, Carlton Football Club and Melbourne University.The next day, for Valentines Day, we put up about a thousand love heart stickers with a little surprise in the centre.Up for sale, looking great, at what looks like very good value. The deck could be stuffed - very good chance of that. It would be a handful for short-handed sailing and the interior accommodation.One of those timeless IOR boats from before they got distorted. I don't like too much tumblehome but I do like this boat. The keel might be loose - also a good chance of that. But it would be fun setting up and sailing a boat like this one - that's for sure! Not competitive as a racer, not quite right as a cruiser, so not much of a market.Our exploits during that night were somewhat covered in this article by the Online Hate Prevention Institute (or OHPI).By the way, we didn’t exactly praise the article; though perhaps we did if you have low standards for praise.Up for sale, looking great, at what looks like very good value. boring conference call with Bangalore, so indulging in some boat-dreaming.

Antipodean will be open 7 nights, Friday lunch, and Brunch/Lunch Saturday and Sunday, the menus will be a selection of dishes designed around sustainability and the seasons.

A week afterwards, for White Night, we put up a few hundred more standard sticker designs.

And to round it off on the 24th, we went to St Kilda Primary School the day before a Farmer’s Market to put up ~100, then went down the extremely Jewish Balaclava Road and put up another hundred or so.

Meeting new people can be the quickest way to feeling at home but sometimes it’s easier said than done.

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