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MK Basel Ghattas of the Joint (Arab) List faction admitted Tuesday he smuggled cellphones and coded messages to terror convicts in an Israeli prison, but insisted his actions amounted to “humanitarian and moral activism.” “The prisoners issue is unbearably painful.

My visits to the prisoners are part of my humanitarian and moral activism,” he said shortly after a three-hour police questioning at the national serious crimes unit of the Israel Police in Lod.

Steven Morris Otwell, 42, of Cullman County 1859 pleaded guilty to the sexual torture of his girlfriend from several incidents that happened over the course of a weekend last August. After his prison sentence is completed, Otwell will be on supervised probation for 10 years.

According to records, Otwell held a woman against her will in a Guntersville motel for two days.

I think that was because I come from a background of public health – I’m an immunologist – and also I’m half-Egyptian and a Muslim, but I look Western.

Often women don’t speak openly because they’re afraid of being judged and they thought, with me coming from the West, they could speak with no judgement.

The problem in the Arab region is the gap between appearance and reality.

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People were very eager to ask questions and to speak openly about their experiences.A passenger on the Delta Airlines flight from which You Tube star Adam Saleh was ejected on Wednesday has come forward to claim the prankster was not on the phone to his mother when he was removed.In fact, the supposed passenger said in a Reddit post, Mr Saleh had goaded a friend into shouting in Arabic across the plane and filmed fellow passengers' reactions, before being told to be quiet.The claim tallies with a statement released by the airline.Redditor Chain187 posted an image of what appeared to be a boarding pass for a 21 December flight from Heathrow to New York alongside his claim.Do you like to meet people online or over the phone to talk about adult topics? It’s free, and the best way to reach interested individuals in the local United Arab Emirates community.


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