Are jax and stassi still dating comunity dating list

Even Jax's ex, Stassi, had nice words to say about the bartender's leading lady, saying, "Honestly, it's not about him, it's about the fact that everybody really likes Brittany."Recently married Scheana Shay and newly engaged Katie Maloney also shared Stassi's sentiments, with Katie saying, "it's still new, but I think they're definitely headed that way," and Scheana responding that she would gladly trade Brittany for Jax in the "divorce."In the past, Jax has been known for his unfaithful and dishonest ways with women, and his love of boobs and booze.

The rumor began during a casual Q&A with fans on Twitter: Those tweets might not read like too much on their own, but #Pump Rules devoteés linked today’s “Jax Taylor quits” rumors to what they call the comparatively lackadaisical air Jax has brought to his role so far this season.We're certain that Lisa Vanderpump is disapproving shaking her head already.After getting off the phone to her boyfriend, Brittany revealed: 'He told me it was for a felony charge and it's still under investigation, so they didn't know how long it was going to take and they could hold him for up to 48 hours.''I think he has a serious live in girlfriend,' she told Kristen.His co-stars recently shared their thoughts on his new love, and according to them, this relationship may stick.Jax's female co-stars were not shy about sharing that the bartender and model may be a changed man when it comes to relationships, and that they are totally obsessed with Brittany, according to .I've been the new girl at Sur, I've been the girl who everyone thinks is a slut, I've been the girl who slept with the married guy when I didn't know he was married, but I've grown from that.


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