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The songstress proved with her precise footwork and skills that she belongs on the dance floor.

Homologs of the green fluorescent protein (GFP), including the recently described GFP-like domains of certain extracellular matrix proteins in Bilaterian organisms, are remarkably similar at the protein structure level, yet they often perform totally unrelated functions, thereby warranting recognition as a superfamily.

Mya could definitely dance — from a technical standpoint, she was great, and it's hard to argue she wasn't the "best" of Season 9.

But she wasn't a great transformation story like Kelly Osbourne or a full-package entertainer like Donny Osmond.

He and Kathy Ireland, who danced the quickstep, tied for the lowest score of the night. Find out when "Dancing with the Stars" airs tonight on ABC.

in his discussion on the topic, we’ve seen over and over that the "best" dancer doesn’t always win, and newbies often outlast more talented dancers, so how is dance training that much of a boost? Mario looked and acted the part of the sexy Latin lover, but with a great personality to back it up. Melissa was a recent Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and Shawn was an Olympic gymnast.


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