Baya and ryan real world dating

I mean I paused on the part where Baya was reading the email, and it said something about flirting but not on cameras because they don't wanna piss off some people at home!

Anyways I like them together and they do flirt alot and who knows maybe Ryan will break up with Belle!

Set in a tricked-out loft overlooking a glistening Red Hook waterfront, it wasn’t the expected cast members — newly transgendered Katelynn, kooky Mormon Chet, sexual-abuse survivor Sarah — who drew our attention.

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Conklin goes through a rapid succession of denial — “Don’t mess with me,” he says, convincing himself his brother is lying to him — and frustration, before crumpling into tears to a roommate.

“I don’t want to put my parents through that again,” he says, his voice fading to a whisper.

It’s a soul-crushing scene, far more real than we’re prepared to expect from television.

castmate relationships we now take for granted used to be shocking on the show.

When Colin and Amaya hooked up in Hawaii, it was a big deal.


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