Being too picky dating

You can become extremely picky to try to protect yourself from hurt Are You Too Picky or Not Picky Enough?Are you too picky or not picky enough when it comes to findinglove?Admittedly, he was unlikely to last too long as I thought he was too much of an eager beaver (yep – contradictory woman put off by a guy being ‘too nice’), a bit ‘vanilla’, and I couldn’t look at him for very long because he appeared to be constantly blinking.I have a vague recollection of watching a horror film called ‘Dolls’ as a child and the blinking reminded me of a bonkers porcelain doll and it distracted and unnerved me on the date. The blinking wasn’t the only reason but truth be told, it’s the one that stood out…We also likely have a better idea what or who it is we’re looking for, and we don’t want to feel like we’re wasting time.As our friends begin to settle down, it can also feel like there’s pressure to find the right person.You don’t have to say yes to every dude who asks you out. So, I think it’s great to have standards – it’s very important to know what you want out of a relationship in order to have a fulfilling one.But at the same time, I think it’s also really important to be open to dating people who aren’t your usual “type.” Being open to new people can sometimes lead you to some awesome experiences and being too closed off can hurt you sometimes.

I kind of hate when people say someone is “too picky” just because they have standards.That said, the qualities on your list should ideally have more to do with your values and goals for the future and less with superficial preferences (like say, how tall someone is or what they do for a living).If your list is filled with must-haves that have nothing to do with your personal or cultural values, it might be worth revisiting, especially since attraction is something that can grow over time as we get to know someone.Here are 8 signs that your standards are too high: It's okay to have a checklist of what you want in a future relationship... Saying things like, "I want someone loyal, funny, outgong, who has a good job, etc." is fine.It's good to know the basic things you want in a person.Read below to see how you can adjustyour pickiness level. You have no problem getting dates, but everyone you date hassomething about him or her that turns you off.2.


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