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It became a major hit at the Edinburgh Festival and won the trio a BAFTA—the equivalent of a British Oscar—in 1960.Encouraged by the film’s success, Strick sought out another project to work on.(There are some—like the play’s editor Marc Babezat—who believe Genet destroyed the script through his incessant revisions.) In his introduction to the first version of This play has as its object the mythology of the whorehouse.

When the book was first published, they were respectively Principal and Vice-Principal of St Hugh’s College, Oxford.(The authors’ real names were not made public until the fourth edition in 1931, by which time Miss Moberly was long retired and Miss Jourdain, who had succeeded Miss Moberly as Principal at St Hugh’s, had been already dead for some years.)The film purports to be a dramatization, firstly of their visit to the Petit Trianon, Versailles, on 10th August 1901, which led them to believe that they had experienced a retrocognitive vision of the gardens of the Trianon as they had been just before the French Revolution and of some of the people who would have been found in the gardens back in 1789, and secondly of developments consequent on their “adventure” (e.g.its effect on their professional and personal lives at Oxford, and their somewhat acrimonious dealings with the research officers of the Society for Psychical Research). Tom Murphy ,pictured in the Abbey rehearsal room on the first day of rehearsals for the Abbey Theatre production of The House by Tom Murphy.The House premiered at the Abbey Theatre in 2000 and this new production,directed by Annabelle Comyn will open on 13th June (previews from 7th June).Significant artistic licence comes into the film’s depiction of the former, and its account of the latter comprises considerably more imagination than fact.


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