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But they no longer hold the key to their own survival. Last year 23 were born at the centre and this year they are expecting more."Since the 1980s we've come to understand their sexual behaviour, been able to determine exactly when the female ovulates, and develop successful artificial insemination processes," Dr Shen said.

Female pandas only ovulate one to three days a year. Zhang Hao is one of the senior keepers in charge of breeding program and says pandas, like humans, are picky about who they mate with."We have to find the best partner for them, but they have personal choices too, so it can be difficult," he said.

The centre has developed a kind of speed dating program for the pandas.

The female is brought into a special mating cage and then one by one up to five male pandas will be paraded before her through a grate.

The males have to be separated otherwise they will fight.

On the day 7.30 filmed a male panda was rubbing up against the grate, walking around agitated and grunting at the female, apparently to show his interest, but it was to no avail. Mr Zhang said when a female likes a male "she will rub her body through [the ] grate at him and stick her tail up towards the male panda".

The company sold 67 million attraction tickets during the time.

Some women also opt for a mask on days when they haven’t worn make-up.Chinese scientists have developed a successful panda breeding program and it involves showing the animals exactly how to do it.There are about 150 pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, in southern China, and up close and personal there is no doubt about it — they are adorable, cute and cuddly. In captivity "they lose their natural habits", senior scientist Shen Fujun said."The complex rhythm of Panda mating behaviour, with its territorial scent marking and mating calls and social interactions over large areas, is disrupted."It has taken a team of experts three decades to make the captive pandas mate again.So although the numbers sound big, it's only one percent penetration in China's market.The daily commutes for China is 1.1 billion so one percent penetration only gets us 11 million." Given the sheer size of the market, it's no wonder that Liu, a former Goldman Sachs managing director, is concentrated on ensuring better supply and demand between vehicles, drivers and passengers.Specifically designed for people of Chinese descent living, working or visiting London, this night promises to be one of the best of the year.


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