Chivalry and dating

Although times have moved on, chivalry is not just the stuff of legends in fact these days it’s still an essential part of any budding romance.

Most women still agree that they are looking for a chivalrous man, but modern manners are evolving so fast that it can be hard for men to keep up.

New Rule: Hold the door for anyone that happens to be trying to go through that door, and they will do the same in kind. Old Rule: Respect and listen to a woman when she speaks, offer words of advice and encouragement.

New Rule: Escort your woman at formal events directly to the open bar. Old Rule: Hold the door for women, and let them go through first.

We spend entire meals with our faces bathed in the glow of our i Phones. New Rule: Offer your seat to anyone on public transportation who appears to be lacking the wherewithal to stand by themselves. Old Rule: Protect your woman from the elements by offering your umbrella or your coat in inclement weather.

We stalk persons of interest on Instagram and Facebook and dismiss viable options for love with a swipe to the left. New Rule: Protect your woman from the scourge of Game of Thrones spoilers by letting her watch it on the HBO Go account you steal from your Aunt Cathy. Old Rule: If the weather is inclement, offer to go get the car so she doesn’t have to brave the elements.

Gone are the days where it was customary to tip a hat in the presence of a lady, or to make sure she walked on the inside of the sidewalk, lest she be mowed down by a runaway street-car. New Rule: Respect and listen to a woman when she tells you that your mansplaining is beyond reproach. Old Rule: Gently steer a woman out of uncomfortable conversations by stepping in.

He’s courteous, thus, sometimes wrongfully labeled an outdated traditional relic from a lost time when men earned the bread and women made the sandwiches.

And, although the results of his gentlemanly behaviour are usually positive, his genuine gestures are sometimes mistaken for male-chauvinism.

He was caught off guard by her accusation, but ultimately, was able to laugh it off.

After hearing about my friend’s experience, I chatted with one of my best girlfriends. We discussed the topic for awhile and it became quite complex as each layer was pealed.


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