Chris colfer and darren criss dating

Only alpha males and guys who have extremely high levels of confidence have this involuntary body language sign built into their genes.”61 - To understand it you’ll need the whole story so here I go !The rumors about both actors began towards the end of 2010 when various anonymous people tweeted about seeing the pair eating together and joking around during events.Just a few months ago en the magazine “The Advocate” Darren had confessed that he has kissed a few guys when he was in college and has said that he falls in love with the person not the gender.Ashley Fink, otherwise kwon as Lauren Zizes from glee, is best friends with Chris Colfer .She has been questioned a lot about the kiss that Darren Criss stole from Chris Colfer on the Glee Tour in Dublin, which she responded “Darren was planning that for the entire day , he told us “ I’m going to kiss him, don’t say anything” everyone knew except Chris .and we love ourselves some Chris Colfer, so we thought we'd share some HIGHlights from one of his latest Gleeful interviews!

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49- Blind Gossip and Perez Hilton.50- “This band sucks !

, but Chris Colfer still has every right to be nervous about America witnessing Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) lose their virginities to each other.

It's the episode everyone has been talking about this season (some crazy reporter even called it a "Sex Riot! In part one of our interview with Chris, he gives us an in-depth look at his reaction to getting the storyline, filming a love scene with Darren, and the importance of their characters taking that step...

21- The “true Darren” came back once they went back to filming.22- Mia is a nobody, so is Will.23- TLOS-I don’t mind.24- Personnal space.25- Adoration.26- They are 33-Chris doesn’t enjoy being around Will -unless he’s drunk as hell-.34- Jealousy.35- Will might be Chris’s umbrellaholder, assistant, bodyguard and beard.36- They never named the person they’re dating.37- You don’t mess with Chris Colfer and his boyfriend and get away with it.38- They tweet about each other once a year -twice, if we’re lucky.-39- Darren left his twitter account to Ricky during the whole summer 2013. 41- Will and Chris look too alike not to be related somehow.42- Alla and Michael are buddy-buddy.

8-.15- Everybody ships them (Joaquin, Ferguson, Shankmann, Patty…)16- Criss Colfer, not Klaine.17- Darren isn’t straight. I don’t know, I, who knows who I came out to as a straight man? “18- Chris wants to keep his relationship private because “fans are passionate”, except everybody already knows that he’s (TCAs 2013), Darren didn’t tweet back, and didn’t even acknowledge this buddy-buddy tweet.


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