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Project Title: Applying Radiation Hydrodynamics to understand Core Collapse supernovae (II) Project Leader: Hans-Thomas Janka – Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching, Germany Resource Awarded: 1,500,000 on FZJ – Ju Ro PA Abstract: Supernova explosions of massive stars are among the most powerful cosmic events.

They give birth to neutron stars and stellar black holes, produce strong neutrino and gravitational wave signals, and are the prime source candidates of chemical elements from iron to plutonium.

A hybrid inverse method based on combined use of DIC and finite element method is used in this study to compute the cohesive properties of a ductile adhesive, Devcon Plastic Welder II, and a quasi-brittle plastic, G-10/FR4 Garolite.

Fracture tests were conducted on single edge-notched beam specimens (SENB) under four-point bending.

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The plan for opening the estuary involved four main operations.Landing troops took heavy losses on the beaches but finally forced the withdrawal of the defenders.Hedges became death traps for the infantry and Shermans.This paper presents a novel damage detection technique, tailored at the identification of structural surface damage on rail structures.The damage detection, proposed in this paper, exploits the wave propagation phenomena (, Rayleigh and guided wave velocities) by identifying discrepancies, due to damage presence, in the dynamic behaviour of the structure.In the second step, the arrival time of the reflected wave (or echo) was estimated using the continuous wavelet transform.


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