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Like many other Kampala slums, Namuwongo slums have a history: they were a no-go area for many years.It’s no Clinging to the railway that connects Port Bell on Lake Victoria and the city of Kampala, are Namuwongo’s slums – or ‘high density housing’ to give them their posh term.Obote's second regime endured from 1979 until 1985, when the guerrilla fighter and next president, Yoweri Museveni, successfully concluded his rebellion and took power.The country has enjoyed relative stability under Museveni, and has been welcomed for the most part back into the family of nations.On our Uganda travels, we will encounter elephants, lions, birds, gorillas and chimpanzees.We will travel on foot, by bus, in a dugout canoe, on quad bikes, rafts and even by train!

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International Hospital Kampala and IHSU International Health Sciences University are just 1 km from the slum. The thing is, only 10% of Namuwongo’s slum households have toilets and the average cost to use the public latrine is 200 shillings per visit. 65% of respondents have less than 100,000 shillings (35 USD) per month and 88% have less than 250,000 (95 USD) per month.

My name is Charlotte – bampita Nagawa – and I am the Captain for your tour of the Pearl of Africa, where we shall be cruising at an altitude of between 6 metres above sea level.

Let me share my love of all things Ugandan with you.

Half the population does not have access to clean water sources, which leads to a high occurrence of water-borne diseases such as typhoid fever and cholera.

Uganda also faces a long battle with AIDS; some 8 percent of the people live with HIV.


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