Dating of beowulf harvard

His principal research interest was in the Pre-Conquest literature of England.

He wrote eight articles, including the forthcoming essays on "Beowulf , Bede and St.

Discussions of methodology and the history of the discipline also figure prominently in this collection.

Overall, the dating of Beowulf here provides a productive framework for evaluating evidence and drawing informed conclusions about its chronological significance.

After Beowulf slays him, Grendel's mother attacks the hall and is then also defeated.

The horror of war is not intensified by ambiguous moral justifications, as in Homer's Iliad, nor are heroes deterred by compassion for the enemy, as in the Mahabharata. Just like the Crusades, the war in The Song of Roland is seen as a holy mission. Even the pagans in the poem can be considered heroic, when they are evaluated in terms of loyalty and vassalage.

The early Beowulf that overwhelmingly emerges here asks hard questions, and the same strictly defined measures of metre, spelling, onomastics, semantics, genealogy, and historicity all cry out to be tested further and applied more broadly to the whole corpus of Old English verse." Andy Orchard, Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon, University of Oxford.

The dating of Beowulf has been a central question in Anglo-Saxon studies for the past two centuries, since it affects not only the interpretation of Beowulf, but also the trajectory of early English literary history.

These conclusions enhance our appreciation of Beowulf and improve our understanding of the poem's place in literary history.

Leonard Neidorf is a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows.


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