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Ahh…the beginning of a new relationship is blooming.

There have been whispers in the wind that the pair have rekindled their romance for months, but rumor has it they are keeping it on the down low to prevent the constant intrusion of the press.Who knows, maybe the emotional Damon death scene made them re-evaluate how important it is to be happy with the short lives us mere mortals have?One of the most prevalent fan theories swirling around is that Ian Somerhalder asked to be written out of The Vampire Diaries so he could be in a purely romantic relationship with his beau.I received this email on Tuesday: “I might want to take you out but feel strongly sexual chemistry is required.I prefer to have sex with a woman before I commit to dinner or pursuing a relationship. Clearly this man's balls are too big for his body.Oh also, Julia Stiles plays a marketing exec named Blue, who moonlights as a prostitute, for Christ’s sake.


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