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By Watchdog reporter City Tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala commonly known as Sk Mbuga has just acquired a brand new Mercedes-Benz AMG convertible, adding to his already existing fleet of monster cars.

In a word: It is either Glass-Steagall, or chaos and genocide.“We in our respective countries are committed to lead that fight for a Glass-Steagall principle, both in the United States and within each of our nations. We must also replace the present monetary system with a public credit system in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton, based on national banking, in order to finance reconstruction of the world economy.

That implies each country’s sovereignty over its own currency.“If mankind is to have a future, we must end the present policies of conflict resolution through war, and agree on the common aims of mankind, such as overcoming poverty on Earth, and defending the planet against the very real dangers from outer space through the policies of the Strategic Defense of Earth.“The immediate implementation of Glass-Steagall, however, is the absolutely irreplaceable mandatory first step, without which none of the other objectives has any chance of realization.“Our common development is the new name of peace and the only alternative to thermonuclear war.”The Resolution can be forwarded from this page!

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