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Because claims of sexual abuse, especially against a child, are so stigmatized and condemnable, oftentimes defendants find themselves perceived as guilty until proven innocent. Tonya Craft: A Successful Defense Using A Masterful Integration Of Science and Law In 2008, Tonya Craft, a pretty 37-year-old single mother working as a kindergarten teacher in Georgia, was arrested and indicted for a 22-count indictment.After all, why would a partner or child make the allegations if they are not true? The prosecutors were baying for her blood: asking for a sentence of 480 years.A 39-year-old Trenton man faces up to 20 years in prison after he allegedly tried to arrange a meeting with an underage girl but instead met up with a Macomb County Sheriff's deputy.Shawn Wayne Miller was arraigned by video Wednesday in 41B District Court of Clinton Township on charges of felony child sexually abusive activity, using a computer to communicate with another to commit a crime, and accosting a child for immoral purposes.Not sure if this is the right forum - this might end up being more IMHO. Seems like it's going to be all dudes, or something, based on how they advertise (generally women in bikinis, from what I see here in Cleveland). Is that not why we have bars (and/or the internet)?I'm married and have no inclination to actually call one of these "party lines" or "chat lines", but I've always sort of wondered - these late-night chat lines must be profitable or else they wouldn't buy up all the advertising after 11PM. The only one which seemed remotely likely to accomplish its purpose was one for a gay chat line, where presumably everybody knows exactly what to expect. It's often called a "poor man's Internet." Some of these chat line like on Talkee Free Chat Lines ( Are free, well in the sense if you have free long distance. I know Northern Illinois University shooter Steve Kazmierczak picked up both women and at least one man off Craigslist, before he went on the shooting rampage, just for sex.Or if you were blocked because you were accessing your site too quickly, then increase the number of accesses allowed per minute.

All it takes is a false allegation to begin the nightmare and from there on, it's a circus: Child Protective Services personnel, forensic interviewers, school teachers, police officers, prosecutors, experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, physicians...fight is intensive and it's a battle every inch of way!

We don't get much spam here (that I've seen) so I couldn't resist. Does this mean we'll only get those people in here who actually would call those lines? Why would someone pay a fee to call a number to talk to a bunch of strangers or people who are pretending to be other people?

When I posted, I was debating whether to use that title or not. They are one of those things I could never understand.

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    Physical abuse can result in bruises, black eyes, knocked out teeth, broken bones, internal organ injuries, miscarriage, brain concussions, and even death.

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