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So we have had some issues in the past, very lustful and giving into temptation and worked so hard to overcome that.And so he has been discerning where his call to the Church life is. I felt I was the one pursuing him, and I've told him.Dating while discerning depends a lot on where you are in your discernment.If you are looking at your life and trying to figure out what path would best help you become fully who you are, then I encourage you to explore the possibilities!Date, visit religious communities, do a year of service, try out a new job, and go where you feel alive. Be honest with the person you are dating and be honest with yourself.As you continue to explore, you will find that some of your choices feel more in sync with how you want to be in the world and how you feel God is calling you.After we began dating, which was a lovely romance of flowers, poetry and lots of courting, we talked a lot about marriage and six months later he was confirmed Pentecost 2014.

So maybe this is why so many of my married friends tell me not to immediately discount a man who says he’s considering a vocation. My married friends also encourage me to not give up on the discerning man because they are obviously pious men.Hello All, I am sure you have seen many like these but now its happened to me.My boyfriend just ended our 3 year relationship last night and I am devastated. When we first met and began dating he wasn't a "full fledged Catholic." He was in Freemasonry, and did not make his confirmation.You aren’t dating because “you are not supposed to do that in discernment” but because it’s not where you feel most alive to your calling from God.That doesn’t mean that a relationship was no good or wrong, only that you want to pursue wholeheartedly another way of being for God.I offer them to you here so that they might be a helpful examination of conscience in how you are going about this process.


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