Error updating windows ad authentication properties

The Team City user names for the new users will be derived from their LDAP data based on the configured setting.

All newly created users belong to the All Users group and have all roles assigned to this group.

This plugin internally uses two very different implementations, depending on whether Jenkins is running on Windows or non-Windows and if you specify a domain.

Authentication with AD is configured based on Admin guide. Edited by: Dong Li on Jul 28, 2011 PMUpdate: I worked with SAP Support. Windows Domain Functional Level: 2003Windows 2008 R2 SAP servers Windows Domain: MYDOMAIN. COM (Note: your AD and DNS might have different names)Windows Domain Controller: MYDC. COMBI Server FQDN: bi4dev.BI Service User (UPN): SAPService BI4 SAPService BI4)- Check for duplicate SPN's assigned to the Service User and delete them too: setspn -X- Delete or rename current keytab file- On AD ensure the UPN of the Service User is back to normal (usually when you run KTPASS it changes the Ad User name to the SPN you specified, ie. COM, SAM=MYDOMAIN\SAPService BI4- Add user to Local Administrators group and update Local Security Policy as per guide (Act as part of the Operating system, Log on as a Batch job, Log on as a service, Replace a Process Level Token)- On Domain Controller run the KTPASS to create SPN and Keytab file (this is VERY important: for the SPN you need to specify the URL that users will be using in their webbrowser to access the BI Launchpad.For example, if you publish the path https://yourapp/app but the application calls images in https://yourapp/media, they won't be rendered.Make sure that you publish the application using the highest level path you need to include all relevant content. If you change your path to include referenced content, but still need users to land on a deeper link in the path, see the blog post Setting the right link for Application Proxy applications in the Azure AD access panel and Office 365 app launcher.You may have problems with your application rendering or functioning incorrectly without receiving specific error messages.This can occur if you published the article path, but the application requires content that exists outside that path.Either look in the event log under Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Aad Application Proxy\Connector\Admin, or run the following Windows Power Shell command.


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