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That they should be locked away for their addictions.” He also wrote, “All that [criminalization] accomplishes is multiplying the shame that us addicts experience.

It forces us to hide our addictions until it’s too late for help.

He was born in the year 1978 on 13th of June and this makes his age 36 at this moment.

For decades we have told addicts that their behavior deserves punishment.

A couple hours later, squeezing through the bar, we came face to face again. “Hi,” I smiled back, doing my best not to spill the three drinks delicately balanced in my hands.

After a brief moment of locked eye contact, my desire to not end up covered in my friend’s margarita took over and I gave him a friendly nod and shuffled back over to my table.

In a series of tweets, the actor responded to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ latest order for federal prosecutors to seek the toughest possible charges and sentences for drug offenders.

Embry says, “Opiate OD is the leading cause of preventable death in America at 50k last year alone.


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