Everquest hangs at updating

Windows 10 is scheduled for General Availability (GA) in less than two days and as the efforts ramp up towards that event some of the Windows team spent the weekend and today smashing bugs due to a faulty patch.As we reported yesterday an update delivered to Windows 10 Insiders via Windows Update, KB3074681, was causing crashes in the Explorer process when performing certain actions in the Control Panel.

everquest hangs at updating-28

I'm using an Nvidia Ge Force 7600, and the game randomely freezes. I am not sure how much memory you are running, but try replacing one at a time and see if that doesn't fix the problem. A thorough RAM test (I recommend Mem Test86 but there are many available for free) will help eliminate it as a culprit.The weird thing is that it freezes at completely random spots, not just areas with a lot of people or a lot of spell casting. Installing a software CPU temperature monitor, and if your graphic card driver has one, keep it up and visible as well.For software conflicts, try removing all non-essential programs from start up (Start - Run - msconfig, Startup Tab).Essentials are basic drivers (video, sound, anti-virus / spyware drivers, and cpu temperature monitor).Some anti-virus / spyware apps are known to not interact well with other apps, but since you're only having problems with EQ, it's most likely not that.Het Kaaps viooltje vindt zijn oorsprong in Afrika, om precies te zijn Tanzania en het zuidoosten van Kenia.


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