Expat speed dating prague

However, another difference between the UK together with the Republic of Ireland, in contrast to the rest of continental Europe, is in the design and format of their respective electrical plugs and sockets.All over continental Europe, electrical sockets take the form illustrated here; to receive a plug with two round pins.So it was that, when we moved to Prague in September 2008, we brought several adaptors with us.How to Live in Prague as an Expat The Times They Are a-Changin’ Article and photos by Sezin Koehler The air, freezing, whips through me—finding every tiny gap in my multiple layers to make my skin tingle and head spin.Expat speed dating isn’t currently taking place in London.As major speed dating organisers we have a number of venues in Central London that are on standby for such an event - everything is ready for our first EXPAT Speed Dating event – we just need to know we’ve got enough people would like to take part.The café also regularly hosts literary readings, movies, live music and other special and top sporting events; while the bookstore offers a wide selection of approximately 10,000 hand-picked quality titles that will impress even the most learned reader.

This doesn't include the six countries I lived in growing up, my American mother being a UNICEF worker who was posted all over Asia and Africa.

I moved to Prague with my husband, who had lived here before and loved it. to Prague and a number of budget airlines that can bring you from most any major city in Europe for a pittance.

I'd never visited Prague before relocating, and that isn't something I recommend. Many of the budget airlines have special deals for subscribers, so it's worth it to sign up on their mailing lists.

Here’s a brief description of what to expect at an Expat speed dating event.

Before the event you’ll need to book a ticket for the event.


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