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If at one time in future decide to travel to Aalborg, the city towards the extreme north of Denmark, close the Jutland tip, you will see a lot of amazing things that include but not limited to Viking Valhalla, Nordic style bags , golden eagles and snappy schnapps.

Viking may have made his fatal maritime ram-raid better, but you can always admire those two low, deadly sleek and plowed boats.

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Reading bell hooks is a little like talking to an eccentric, favourite aunt: you gleefully picture her ploughing into conversational niceties and laying waste to social gatherings with her almost obsessive contempt for tact.

But although you become more acquainted here with the writer's character than you would normally expect to in a book about love, hooks' heartfelt words pare down to a beautiful simplicity that unlocks tensions as you read and calms you like a long, deep breath of the soul.

A percentage of all of our Membership Fees(optional) is donated to the ASPCA, and Humane Society, and other Animal Helping Organizations.

Early wounds have bound us in fear of letting ourselves truly love despite our deep yearnings for it and we seek to supplant this desire with nmaterial greed.They were used to launch raids on the former British Isle starting from Limfjord Sound just outside Aalborg.Here, heroes returned in time to be cremated inside their boats… You can see traces of cremations at the famous Lindholm Hoje cemetery on the hill slightly above the city.We expect Furry Date to grow into the single place where furries everywhere can find someone, wether a friend, a mate, or a perfect match.Please join with us and explore the furries that have made our home, their home."Because we are spiritually empty we try to fill up on consumerism; we may not have enough love but we can always shop." But if we are willing to turn back to our own hearts we can open ourselves up to "the transformative power of love".


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