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You thought, or wanted to think, that if you kept your mouth shut and your head down, you would still be “good to go…it’s all good…hey, are you okay, and, it’s sooo not.” You thought could “just live” your sloganeering, canned, pre-fab, US Government approved, so-called, “life.”Well.While you were being spied on and shut-up and enslaved everywhere—controlled to the last iota of thought by your own, inculcated political correctness—and while you were being entertained, lied to, and distracted by the global propaganda engine—here’s what the lying basterds were really doing to you: From, Top British General, the Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, Sir Richard Shirreff, stated, “’A Russian attack on the Baltic states puts America at war with Russia—meaning nuclear war, because Russia integrates nuclear weapons into every aspect of its military doctrine…’ And don’t think Russia would limit itself to the use of [only] tactical nuclear weapons…nuclear release by the Russians would almost certainly precipitate…the end of life as we know it….’”From, Reuters: “A senior diplomat said: ‘They [Putin] are deploying all of the Northern fleet and much of the Baltic fleet in the largest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War.’ This is not a friendly port call.You must try their cocktail, a specialty made with finlandia tangerine, pomegranate juice, lime juice and simple syrup.Chose this or any one of their cocktails and pair with a few small plates!Tasting pineapple infused vodka at a local watering hole was what got us into infused vodka in the first place. It’s so easy that there is no reason not to make it. It was so ‘not bad’ that I never got a chance to take a sexy final picture. *********************** What is your favorite summer cocktail or mocktail?Unless you don’t like pineapple or vodka, and then you have bigger problems than I can deal with this on this blog. I tried it at day 7 and liked it better than day 10. Most dawns, the murderers on all sides collapsed exhausted into their dark hiding spaces with guns cradled in their laps. When her stupid half-brother Omar sent it from America just before the war began, she had barely paid it any attention. That he’d managed to get his hands on it when it was published here, when she’d not even known about it, was proof of his unsettling, stupid devotion to the motherland.

U Hell English DJ Br Ea Ch spins his funky soulful house at U Street Music Hall's annual party, with openers Jus Nowhere and Philip Goyette.

But did you know everyday Happy Hour is from 4pm-7pm and ALL DAY on Thursday?!

Their recent downstairs renovation with the gorgeous open concept bar and connecting outdoor patio on the waterway has made this the hot new spot for adult nights out and also family dinners.

No one could believe that all we did was chop up pineapple and soak it in vodka. We had a hard time convincing people that they were drinking straight vodka.

This is the easiest and most popular party drink I have yet to encounter.


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