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Sometimes if you weren't in line at least 1 hour before, it was almost impossible to get in, and sometimes, some got cancelled (like Mike Tyson's). I am more than happy with the panels I did get to attend, and, if you've read my blog posts before, you'll know I was fangirling all over the place. Day 1: Thursday, May 25th Last year I drove straight from work (in Miami) to the con (a 4 hour drive), and got there like 5 minutes late to pick up my badge and had to miss Stan Lee's panel (it was also on Thursday). It was so awesome to see a living legend in person in a panel!!

So, this year, I made sure to not miss it and drove up to Orlando a whole day before, get to the con about 2 hours early to make real sure I'd get a spot to see Stan Lee. He was funny, and witty, and poked fun at himself so much! The guy in white, next to him, is his manager and, since Stan Lee can't hear very well anymore, he repeats the questions asked to him. He started telling us a story and Stan Lee went, "Here we go! So he said that RDJ walks in and, instead of extending his hand to Stan Lee or anything, he bows down in front of him.

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But, every single time, I say the same thing: I would do it all over again!

I absolutely love going to cons, it's my happy place, where I hear the song of my people being played.


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