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Her family moved to Singapore when she was five, before returning to Wiltshire in England when she was eight.

Despite being an unknown at the time she was cast, Mulligan went on to appear in a BAFTA winning BBC production of Bleak House, alongside Denis Lawson and Gillian Anderson.Childhood: Carey Mulligan was born to Stephen and Nano Mulligan, in Westminster, London. The family moved around as a result of Stephen's work, with Carey attending school in both: Dusseldorf, Germany and Woldingham School in Surrey.After appearing in a school production of The King & I, Carey's interest in acting was roused.I think it will invite discussion as much as it did then.” The show runs from October 4 until December 3.Carey Mulligan (born 28.5.1985)Carey Mulligan is a British actress who rose to fame with her appearance in the 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice.It's not known whether her maternal great-grandfather, the Nobel Prize-winning, New York-born playwright Eugene O'Neill was also a "Gooner" but, given O'Neill's animosity towards Charlie Chaplin, and the fact that football was probably unknown to him, it seems unlikely.


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