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This dictionary suggests a relation of haro/hare with the old lower franconian *hara (here) (as by bringing a dog to heel).

While the pejorative of an exclamation and in particular of such an exclamation is theoretically possible for the first word (harace) and maybe phonetically plausible for harache, a semantic, syntactic and phonetic similarity of the verb harasser as used in the first popular attestation (the chant mentioned above) with the word haras should be kept in mind: Already in 1160 haras indicated a group of horses constrained together for the purpose of reproduction and in 1280 it also indicated the enclosure facility itself, where those horses are constrained.

In contrast, new media performances are usually directed at smaller homogeneous audiences, but access is potentially unlimited due to their digital nature.

In this new social media reality, the altered nature of a performance has important implications for crime and justice.


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