He says im too accomadating

And sometimes just saying yes is the easiest way out (see: placating a demanding mother-in-law). Other research finds that when we do things for other people, our brains light up in areas associated with pleasure and reward.Given this, it's not always easy to know when a firm is in order. The most obvious sign you're too accommodating: Saying yes makes you feel bad.Playing the cat-and-mouse dating game can be exhausting.Whether you’ve just met a guy you like, you’ve been casually dating someone new or you can’t get over your ex, figuring out how to act is anything but easy.Therefore my question is, do I have a chance to convince him otherwise or am I being delusional? Sincerely, Too Young To Handle Dear Too Young, Yo, that shit is an (admittedly confusing) excuse.As a fellow bro in the twilight of his 20’s, I can tell you that there’s no good reason to have reservations about at least boffing a hot 21 year old, unless you just don’t like them (or they aren’t that hot). It’s unlikely that the two of you have much in common, as you’re probably still in or just out of college. I was on a bunch of painkillers and narcotics from a surgery this past week and over the weekend called and texted my ex like a nutcase, literally like a fucking psycho.When you really like someone, you feel the constant urge to talk to him, text him and see him.

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It stands to reason: "Saying yes all the time can really zap your mood; it can also make you feel resentful and over-committed," says Simon Rego, Psy D, director of psychology training at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.So how do you draw the line between acting flirty and outright desperate?We asked real college guys for the five-stage clinger behaviors that have them running for the hills as well as dating experts for how to resist those urges. You text him constantly If you both have been texting each other, it’s okay to initiate a conversation. Smith, president and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, if you’re texting him every 10 minutes or fewer and he isn’t responding, you’ve fallen deep into the clingy zone. If you're someone who occasionally finds it hard to do the latter, well, join the club. At work, our responsibilities are ever-expanding (thanks, never-ending recession), and at home, we feel pressed to help stretched-thin friends and family."In this age of constant electronic connectedness, requests are coming at us every waking hour, making it even more important to be able to put your foot down," says Roni Cohen-Sandler, Ph D, a clinical psychologist in Weston, Connecticut.Most of us -- no matter how together we are -- could use help with saying nay.


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