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Transvestic behavior can sometimes be associated with masochistic behavior (e.g., sexually submissive behavior).

Some minority of transvestic men may have a related condition known as Gender Identity Disorder where the urge is not simply to wear women’s clothing, but rather to become a woman.

Although chains such as Next now have a large selection of extremely sheer flesh-coloured tights, when you put them on they still look like surgical stockings, instantly ageing you by about 10 years.

Wearing pantyhose to a business casual office might seem like overkill.

I have been challenging myself to reflect on how I feel about stockings. I’m worried that I either look unprofessional without them, or dated and old with them. How can I make them look young and fun, rather than old and dowdy? Bottom line: If you feel more comfortable wearing nude nylons, then by all means do so.

I could’ve sworn I’ve written about this topic before, but can’t find any posts that specifically address the question of pantyhose. As you may have heard, the Middleton ladies wear them frequently, and both are current style icons.

Then just recently the ever-glamorous Joan Collins, 81, appeared at a formal function in a skirt suit and no tights, admittedly amid much tut-tutting from the style police.

Bare legs on older women can look horrible, but nowadays tights in summer might look even worse.


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