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Complementary couple: The pair, who have been together since 2005, looked chic in their outfits, with the GMA co-anchor opting for black overalls, a white shirt and T-bar stilettos while her partner chose a patterned maxi-skirt, black V-neck sleeveless blouse, thick black buckled belt and sandals Welcoming committee: The usually very private couple were given a warm welcome by GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) executive director Dr Eliza Byard before meeting with dozens of courageous LGBT students and their support networks Opposites attract: Glee star Dot-Marie Jones (right) and Bridgett Casteen displayed their different styles, with the actress donning black dress pants and shoes and shimmery beige shirt while her wife wore a black, white and grey wrap dress, sheer black stockings and matching heels An Inspiration to all: Trans woman Janet Mock looked fabulous in her stylish red jumpsuit with semi-sheer sleeves as she was presented with the Inspiration Award for her tireless transgender rights activism The pair showed off their contrasting styles, with the 50-year-old actress opting for black dress pants and shoes and a shimmery beige shirt, while her wife chose a black, white and grey patterned wrap dress with three-quarter sleeves, sheer black stockings and black heels.

Former 30 Rock star Maulik Pancholy - who came out publicly in November during an interview with Out magazine in which he discussed partner of nine years Ryan Corvaia, whom he became engaged to in January - was without his fiancé at the event. America's Next Top Model runway coach Miss J Alexander was a sight to behold in funky gold trousers, black velvet loafers, a white shirt and midnight blue velvet blazer, with a head full of gold pins holding her locks in place A strong turnout: Country singer Chely Wright (left) and wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright (right), whose twin sons celebrated their first birthday the previous day, were only too happy to pose for photos alongside hostest with the mostest Dr Eliza Byard Other attendees included America's Next Top Model runway coach Miss J Alexander - who will return for the upcoming cycle 21 after being previously let go from the show due to falling ratings - and trans woman Janet Mock. Lauren joked on Twitter later that wife Chely 'fell in love' with former 30 Rock star Maulik Pancholy, to which the singer responded, 'Lol!

"On my Facebook I had been thanking my doctors and nurses, my sister," Roberts said, referring to the Facebook post in which she publicly disclosed her relationship with Laign for the first time. I said, ‘I really want to say thank you.’" Roberts also assured De Generes that her health has improved since December, when she was battling myelodysplastic syndrome, a disorder that stemmed from previous treatment for breast cancer.

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"I think of September 20, the date of my transplant, as my birthday more than my real birthday, on November 23," Roberts, who previously underwent treatment for myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare blood disorder, tells the publication."I don't try to be like people who have had life-threatening illnesses and say, ‘Every day is a gift.' But everything that happens from now on is lagniappe, as we say in the Gulf.""It was my 50th birthday celebration, and Amber [Laign] had heard me moaning and groaning about some kind of party," she recalls."I'd told her all I wanted to do was dance on the beach. She set the whole thing up—a dance floor on the beach—as a surprise. Still, I was just thrilled that she heard me." so soon after her transplant, the sports fanatic explains why she was ready to get back in the game. The couple has been photographed together numerous times, but usually with other people, which caused some pretty loud whispers—and now a proverbial shout from the rooftops for Roberts. Laign and Roberts met through mutual pals a decade ago and are still going strong, even through Roberts' numerous trials, tribulations and health issues over the past few years. "We were so touched by Robin's Facebook message today and so thankful for all the loving support she has in her life." So sweet! Even Michelle Obama cheered the lovebirds taking their longterm relationship public. You continue to make us all proud," the FLOTUS tweeted.anchor posted a note on her Facebook page, ostensibly celebrating her progress after receiving a bone marrow transplant last year, in which she thanked her “longtime girlfriend Amber.” By all accounts that is the first time Roberts has mentioned being in a gay relationship. One good sign of the times is that there are far fewer crazies condemning her on the Facebook post than there might have been in years past. Though there was one comment I stumbled on that troubled me: “had a dream that i met you at a friends home in Houston..... Two, imagine finding it fit to type that on her Facebook page. I’ve not seen someone wear their chip as an adornment before, but I’m sure it happens. But yes, this ought to put to rest any speculation about his sobriety, which some wondered about after Efron broke his jaw last month by slipping on a puddle or something at his house. (The number on the windshield would seem to suggest it’s some kind of test model.) Actually, the really amazing thing is TMZ’s headline about this wondrous car and its fabulous owner: “Anne Hathaway: Check Out My New Smuggy Buggy.” Hm! But there it is, in a headline about Anne Hathaway driving a troll car. anchor Robin Roberts officially came out as a lesbian on Facebook, thanking her longtime girlfriend Amber Laign for sticking by her through thick and thin, including Roberts' battle with cancer.


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