Japanese sex chat bot Freemature chat

A bot that uses a standard series of responses to what you type.Invented by nerds so they can chat to an 'imaginary friend'.

Their aim was to create an AI bot capable of replying to chat messages with an appropriate emotional reaction.Online chat bots already send come-hither messages to users of social media or dating websites.Video games and online programs also offer virtual girlfriend (or boyfriend) experiences on smartphones and handheld video game consoles.The crude connections may signal a "robotic moment" for society where humans begin turning to artificial intelligence to fulfill emotional needs, said Sherry Turkle, director of MIT's Initiative on Society and Self. And that a robot would be a safe choice." Virtual lover Such "seduction by social robots" forms a key theme in Turkle's latest book, "Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other" (Basic Books, 2011)."I did find people who were interested in artificial boyfriends and girlfriends, in artificial spouses," Turkle told Innovation News Daily. She found that some people can desire what robots offer β€” either in virtual form or as crude sex bots β€” even if it marks a step below emotional fulfillment with other human beings.β€œIt will give us a new option in our sexual life,” he declared.


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