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On Instagram, followers get to have a glimpse of her picture-perfect life, from the branded goods she owns to her jet setting lifestyle.

It’s no wonder she has commanded such a huge following on Instagram.

What better way is there to fly than with Singapore Airlines?

At 17, Chua was an air stewardess with Singapore Airlines.

Ghim Hui and XF were late, so Wong and I were looking thru the mag stands. Here's a sum up for you: Rebecca Tan, rebecca tan, rebecca tan, denise Keller, jaymee ong, jaymee ong, fann wong, zoe tay, fiona xie, rebecca tan, jaymee ong, denise keller, denise keller, belinda lee, denise keller rebecca tan, Jaymee Ong, Fann, zoe, fann, fiona, zoe, jaymee, becky, denise, becky THE SAME FACES OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Apparently this month she is on the cover of "SHAPE" or some health mag with a rainbow bikini.

Since I was in such a horrific mood, I looked at all the magazine covers and decided I hate all the Singapore models. I know she has really kickass boobs, but is there really a need to use her so many times we all can draw her face with our eyes closed and hands miamed? Do we really have a lack of models for using as cover girls?

The ex DJ ridiculed Channel 5’s futuristic drama 2025, which was created by Lee.

In Singapore, Jaymee had roles in ‘Point Of Entry’ and ‘Tiramisu’.

Her latest role is in ‘The Faith of Anna Waters’, scheduled to air in 2015.

#SG50shadesofgrey The ex-most powerful man on radio giving it to Ronnie. how you were always so cordial towards me when I was still on radio these past years and while I was always critical or taking mean digs at Ch5 shows,( there have been some really bad ones ) this really should be nothing new to you.

I didn’t know you were involved with 2025, until I read your reaction.


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