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Just like me, Sade had initially been of the school of thought that dating more than one person held the risk of dilettantish shallowness.It ensured you never do anything with any of the men wholeheartedly, and you get yourself trapped in the circle of indefinitely postponing a decision until you’re certain it’s a perfect choice – a conviction that is never achieved. Bode was like a breath of fresh air after a series of failed relationships. You may call up Bartholomew when you want to grab a drink, but invite Timothy over when you just want to “Netflix and chill”. You could be seeing Tobias every Tuesday night, but also spending your Sundays with Festus.I know this goes against everything you’ve ever heard or dreamed about.We all think when we meet “The One” it will happen fast. But most of the time – we’re not quite READY for it to happen this quickly and easily.See, the great thing about dating multiple people or at least keeping your options open, is that it prevents you from investing too much of yourself to the wrong person and it gives you the ability to realistically assess the person (or people) that you’re seeing through direct comparison.

If you DARE bring that BULLSH*T complaint to me, chances are I’m gonna go in on you for at least three to five minutes as a mandatory minimum.You know, you meet a man, he’s great, there’s chemistry, he wants to spend all his time with you, and pretty soon you’re seeing each other every weekend, and then maybe once in the week, then two, and he calls and emails, and before you know it, you’re a “couple.”And then, after maybe 6 months or a year, he proposes, you get engaged, and then there’s a wedding and you live happily ever after.And the thing is – that’s the way it’s SUPPOSED TO GO!The problem with closing yourself off to dating OTHER people after meeting someone, is you begin to transform an initial courtship into an official relationship, when no expectations of commitment have been outrightly stated.You start freeing up your weekends for this ONE person and investing all your time, energy and affection into this ONE person, which would be cool if you didn’t completely reject the notion of keeping your options open.Whenever I tell women that, they tend to believe that I’m saying they should HOE around and let their p*ssy be traded like Facebook stock, when that’s NOT what I’m saying at all.


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