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Both she and Richard are well-traveled and have visited Europe many times.This traveling was shared with Rory when the two traveled Europe together.Chatting with him at the one-day-only Luke's Diner pop-up in Studio City, California, the 46-year-old actor's eyes light up at the thought of being back on set with his EXCLUSIVE: Milo Ventimiglia Spills on Jess' Return to Stars Hollow and Why He's Still a 'Bad Boy' "It's been eight years, but I have stayed in contact with Lauren (Lorelai Gilmore), with Melissa [Mc Carthy, who plays Sookie St.

The series ran from 2000-2007, and broke our hearts when it ended, sending Rory off into her new life as a journalist, and Lorelei, finally, into the arms of Luke.As the cast of 'Gilmore Girls' gets ready for its highly anticipated reunion at the ATX Television Festival this weekend, we're taking a who's who look at some of our favorite actors from the popular TV show.reunion, and the only thing that would make it better is if they’d all come over to my house afterwards.But it really felt like a high school reunion, because we were all very young," he tells ET. Like with high school, I think you embellish the memory, and you have fond memories." "It kind of changed everyone's life on that show," he adds. "The dynamic between an adult and her mom is not the same dynamic as an adolescent and her mom, so that has changed, but [Lorelai and Rory] still have the same friendship and connection." As for fan favorite Michel, Truesdale says we’ll get to see a whole new side of him in ."It was our first big experience, so to be able to go back as an actor, which never happens -- when you're done with a part, you're done with a part, and that's it -- we felt very privileged and very happy to have a second shot at something special." first hit the airwaves in October 2000, making it exactly 16 years since we were introduced to the town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. "Michel has grown into someone who has a love life, which we've never seen before," he says.Though everyone has grown up quite a bit in almost two decades, Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) has had some of the biggest life events occur since her breakthrough role. "He would go on dates, but it was very vague -- we didn't see anyone or see the dates -- so we'll get to know much more about who he is personally.


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