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The most senior claims belong to secured creditors, who have collateral on loans to the business.

These lenders will seize the collateral and sell it—often at a significant discount, due to the short time frames involved.

In an unexpected cash deficit position, small business owners sometimes find it necessary to liquidate a portion of their assets as opposed to their entire business.

When a relative passes away, it is up to the executor of the estate to liquidate the assets, according to the Law City website.The debts still exist in theory, at least until the statute of limitations has expired, but there is no debtor to pay them, so they must be written off in practice.Assets are distributed based on the priority of various parties’ claims, with a trustee appointed by the Department of Justice overseeing the process.The executor is identified in the will of the deceased or, if there is no will, by the courts.Liquidating the estate is the process of selling or donating items and distributing property to family members.If you are moving a long distance, such as to another country, or are downsizing from having a large family home to a small apartment, you may need to get rid of your stuff.


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