Live phone cam

Simply point your webcam to the location you want to monitor, and receive live video feed on your Windows phone.

The 4GEE Action Cam app allows you to control your camera, manage the video and photos on your camera and share them on social media.

If your Ring Pro is mounted in an area that’s more than 30 feet away from your router, and you’ve confirmed that your internet speed meets the requirements outlined above, you may need to use Chime Pro to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

With over 4 million downloads, Alfred is without a doubt one of the fastest­-growing home security solutions on the market.

(*) The Windows application uses FFmpeg according to the terms of the LGPL v3.0.

You can obtain the source code to FFmpeg from our website at this link, or obtain a copy of FFmpeg source code per instructions here.

If you want to switch off pairing then turn off your camera.

If you want to switch pairing to the Viewfinder Watch, go to the viewing screen and select the Viewfinder Watch icon on the left.

Don’t forget that if you decide to reset your settings back to default, this will also reset your new Wi Fi password.Zetronix carries two types of spy cameras DVR and WIFI.DVR cameras record video to a memory card for playback on a computer.After performing the test inside your home, test your speed at the location where your Ring Pro is mounted.If the speed outside is significantly slower than the speed you get inside, see the next step.It also helps you manage your camera data account if you're a pay as you go customer.


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