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Maybe the love of your life has turned mean and selfish. “If a boyfriend doesn’t give you what you need, walk away,” says Danielle Greaves, MSW, who works with girls at The Guidance Center in Cambridge, Mass.She tells girls all the time, “It hurts now, but you can get through this.” Dating Tip 4: Talk About Facebook Before You Talk on Facebook Social media puts the ups and downs of dating out there for everyone to see.“Girls need to feel good about themselves before they start to date,” says Charles Wibbelsman, MD, chief of adolescent medicine at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco.His advice: only date if you know yourself and know you want to date.Even if that means saying no to bingeing on another series!

At a time when the top radio sponsors are switching from the wartime in- stitutional phase of programining.

If you’re not ready, it’s cool to stay single and hang out with your close friends. In a healthy relationship, the feelings are mutual. If this doesn’t describe your situation, there’s nothing wrong with you, but you probably do need to keep looking.

Dating Tip 2: Find Someone Who Likes You Back Feelings that aren’t returned can make you question everything about yourself. Dating Tip 3: Know When to Move On Sometimes you have to admit it, the relationship isn’t working.

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And that, they contend, goes (Continued on page 57) Win by Esquire Backs Pix-Stage Censor Fight U. Supreme Court decision in the Esquire mag case Monday (1) gave strong encouragement to pro- ponents of a move, recently much- discussed,, to figlit state and munici T ■pal- censorship, of films and stage shows right up to the highest tri- bunal. UNO Dispossess With many of Connecticut's peas- ants in ermine exelcised about the possibility that the United Nations Organization may move in and evict them, WOR (N. then to send a platter of the .beefs to London for a playback before the UNO full committee on location. Paul Kaibourn, chief of television operations for Par, said the company was trying to get the systern ready j "as soon as possible, but there are ! Another Par exec declared thcr,e was a good possibility the company would be able to demonstrate the system "sev- eral months'' before August.


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