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Some are just like some American men, some European men, etc.It depends on how you were raised, and what you ultimately believe in that sense. Some may be more aggressive than others, but that's about it. The term is traced to the Spanish word macho, which means “male” or “manly.” It could also refer to being courageous, valorous, and having gender pride.Although these may be positive connotations, the term machismo is used negatively referring to extreme masculinity encouraged by structures in society.This holds true of all Latin American countries founded on the influence of Roman law and the Catholic Church (Mayo & Resnick, 1996). Marianismo is characterized by passivity and submissiveness based upon a virgin-like image of Maria, the mother of Jesus (Mayo & Resnick, 1996). Changing constructions of machismo for latino men in therapy: “The devil never sleeps.” Family Process, 49(3), 309-329.

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Females are expected to have only one sexual partner, none before or outside of marriage (1).

By having sex with a variety of women, in addition to their spouses, men demonstrate their expansive sexual appetite.

Married men may have sex with commercial sex workers, an extra-marital girlfriend, and/or male partners, yet these relations are practiced in a separate underworld that is not acknowledged in the light of day.

Gender construction in Latin America has often been cited as being significantly influenced by Spanish colonization.

Dominant conceptions of masculinity and femininity, referred to as machismo and marianismo respectively, are rooted in the Spanish conquest and influence the sociocultural conditions of Latin America.


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