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He played a clip of someone announcing who was coming in but it was unintelligible. Howard said they had Joe on the show more than once. Howard said one thing you have to do is hand it to him about being right about the war in Viet Nam. He said this is a guy on the radio and he's an angry political guy.

Howard said that woman they had doing the announcing was tough. Howard said he thinks they lost her number so she'll never get a royalty. Howard said he was in a Broadway play called Buck White during that 3 years.

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Howard said he was going to ask one more question and that was... Howard ended up giving the other two guys 0 cash and a 0 gift certificate to Steven Singer Jewelers. He said he has it on that list of songs he listens to. Howard said he did that song on America's Got Talent. He said he eventually changed his name and then the Viet Nam war started and he refused to go into the service so they stripped his license and title away from him. Worldwide'' but that wasn't what Howard was looking for. Howard said he had that Sonny Liston fight and he put out an album and sang ''Stand By Me'' on that. Howard said he was on the Ed Sullivan show after beating Sonny Liston. The answer was ''Lenny.'' Howard said that they still had a tie and they had to do yet another tie breaker. Gina got it right with ''Jerry Maguire.'' She just won ,000. He had the right answer for Kenneth's movie and he changed it at the last second.Gina thanked Mutt for having her on the show and her husband Joe too. am Show opening bits and songs included: A Baba Booey song parody, a prank call to a woman using Arnold Schwarzenegger audio clips from Kindergarten Cop, John Mellencamp performing a medley of songs in the Howard Stern Show studio.


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