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And somehow, it had updated up to 15K and now nothing happens. It appears like what @RDrast has already pointed out.To be exact, I have created a new profile and kept it to download but still the problem persists. I can assure there's no issue as other users are able to communicate without any issues. If you feel the issue is not resolving itself I would recommend checking out the Outlook Support and Recovery Assistant Here: Consider changing how much email you are downloading as well to keep offline.Furthermore, if you forget to instruct Outlook to retrieve new emails, you could miss out on time-sensitive messages from clients, employees or other business-related contacts.You can, however, schedule Microsoft Outlook to automatically perform a send/receive operation at regular intervals. in English literature from Valencia College and is completing a B. in computer science at the University of Central Florida.Duplicate Killer - search, merge and remove Outlook duplicates.

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If you are looking for a quick and easy way of synchronizing Microsoft Outlook folders' data on two or more PCs or with Google Calendar, Tasks and Gmail Contacts service, this program is for you.users will be able to get these new features “in the coming weeks” as part of an opt-in program, but the company didn’t share when it will flip the switch for everyone.Yes, this is a huge update, and it almost makes us feel like Microsoft would have been better off to release a few features on a monthly basis, rather than all at once like this.So try to clear the offline items by following these steps: Resolution 2: Delete OST Files Outlook caches and stores email messages, calendar events and other items in Offline Storage Table (.ost) file.Well this was a very well known issue as the title explains but in my case, the "updating inbox 3.99GB" keeps on repeating to the same state.Nevertheless, the company today also launched Outlook User Voice — once you digest everything that’s new, you can use the open forum to share feedback, recommend features, and vote for the ideas you like best.


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