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What is even scarier is what you'll find if you search the web for reviews about these sites for yourself!

From my own searches I suspect that some of the scammiest agencies spend the most on manipulating the search engines. Having now said that, I obviously need to give you a reason to trust me, right?

Well, having been around that block a few times, I can tell you a little about some of the sites and agencies I've encountered in one form or another, both the good and bad. But for most of my reviews I give good, common-sense reasons for my positive or negative reviews... I DO receive affiliate commissions from some sites if you click through to them and order anything, but I can reasonably demonstrate that this does not skew my objectivity by pointing out two facts: (1) some of the sites for whom I offer critical reviews offer lucrative affiliate programs.

If money were the driving force here, I would be an Anastasia Web affiliate and singing their praises.


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