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Friendshiplevels and Lovelevels are important for everyone, but lovelevels once again only for love interests.

I hope that if they go there, they won't make it such a huge thing, maybe more of a side quest type of thing? I hope that whoever it was, it wasn't your rival, because my favorite rivals have always been the ones why got on my nerves and ticked me off. It gave so much more satisfaction when you pulverized them. I throw Hugh in there, not because I liked destroying him, but because he was one that I connected to and felt some sort of bond to.

*----------------------------------------------------------------------------* Rune Factory 2 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* The following FAQ/Walkthrough was written by Cat Muto/Louisa Beutler and is purely fan-made. The copyright of the characters and the game belong to Marvelous Interactive and Yoshifumi Hashimoto. A: Marrying early will let you advance to 2nd Generation faster, but you might feel rushed in getting the 100.000 G then.

The following pages have permission to publish her FAQs: Game Faqs Neoseeker Super Cheats *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* Table Of Contents *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* 1.0 Disclaimer 1.1 Version History 1.2 Contact Author 1.3 Frequently Asked Questions 2.0 Friendship & Love 2.1 Bachelorettes 2.2 Girlfriends 2.3 Boyfriends 2.4 Rivals? But all the girls are easy to marry - the entire point of 1st Generation is to marry and have a child as soon as possible. Marrying late gives you more time to learn everything about the game, to gather up things you will need in 2nd Generation and get more money.

You'll get to date girls from the Harvest Moon games.

In this version, the only girl available is Ann and Karen.


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