My two best friends are dating each other

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about three months now.We’ve already had sex and I think we took it way too fast.

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Looking down at a large stack of his money in front of me, I was always suspicious about it — was he just going to rob me?He says he wants to be with me forever and that he loves me- I mean, could see us being like that but does he really mean it or is he just saying what he thinks I want to hear?He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, but sometimes he won’t call or text the whole day.They shine lights on our ignorance and teach us about ourselves.And as I approach five years of travel, I want to take some time to mention the five people (or groups of people) who have had the most impact on my journey: Greg – Back in 2006, I spent a few months in Amsterdam playing poker.However, after being reassured he was a good guy by the other players and seeing him around a lot, I realized he was just a nice guy and agreed to his invitation.


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