Naruo dating

This is my first flash project that I have submited to NG. I hope you all enjoy this, I have put alot of time and effort in this, and have learned much about flash in doing so.

So, if you are a person who is offended by such materiel may I sugest not watching this instead of voting a low score.

In the anime, it was shown that Team 7 was assigned to collect the last paw print for the Paw Encyclopaedia which she brought to her grandmother.

Here's an image that summarises all the characters seen in the 700th chapter, including the pairings and their children: Click to enlarge.

Source: reddit As for the kid training with Rock Lee... I think that Rock Lee’s wife and baby mama is going to end up being Hanabi Hyuuga.

In the anime, Izumi meets Itachi prior to them enrolling in the academy, where she asks him to join her and her playmates in a game, but he declines.

When the other children begin bullying Itachi, she defends him and orders them to leave him alone, but Itachi scares the bullies when he deflects a rock back at one of the bullies before leaving.


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