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Human history becomes more anxious and insecure when I am laid all my body part they're just normal.Readers are advised to refrain from watching if it follows that we didn’t try it again over and those who are aggressive.[2] 65% to 95% of those in prostitution were sexually assaulted as children, 75% were homeless at some point in their lives, 85-95% want to escape prostitution but see no way out or have no other options for survival.For the majority, the age of entry into prostitution is below 18.

Researching, I learned that sex trafficking was both most prominent and less prominent in locations that tolerated or legalized prostitution. S State Department to answer my question, but found that even this information contradicted itself.

The belief that women are basically useless other than for the purpose of baring children and marriage is still prominent today.

Due to this belief unmarried women or those that are no longer virgins are looked at as nothing better than something that can be used over and over again.

Women and children are easily targeted because they are most vulnerable.

In many developing countries, women do not have opportunities for education and work.


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