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Some people think dating over 50 is difficult but I'm here to tell you that's hogwash!The busiest community on Sexy Ads is the 40-70 age group. We believe that every relationship starts with a sexual connection that puts two horny adults together and nature takes over. The people at Sexy Ads are friendly, sexy, kinky and fun.Please mail any official documents to our support email address.If you insist on sending physical copies please use our Headquarters address.Take advantage of the premium services offered and communicate in real time in the Voice and Web Cam Chat Rooms.

We created our mature dating site for people like us -- adults who have lived without sex, intimacy and passion way too long.

I love the community feel and the uninhibited sexuality.

I have no problem getting to know, chat and have cyber-sex with others on the site.

Get in touch with local women and men who are mature in all the right ways and looking to have some fun with someone like you tonight!

Meet older singles who are up for anything you can think of so long as it's sexy and with you!


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    When we were 12 we gradually started experimenting sexually with each other.

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    ‘Tell me you want it, bitch,’ he demands through gritted teeth, his expression full of menace.

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    Videophones are also known as videotelephones (or video telephones) and often by an early trademarked name "Picturephone", which was the world's first commercial videophone produced in volume.

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    She is blond and petite with the kind of Bambi-sized brown eyes you rarely encounter in real life.