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Edit: Here's my original answer for the sake of completeness.See the link above instead for more details and for a possible better solution.How to open a database connection and perform common database operations such as inserting, updating, and deleting database records. NET Framework contains several namespaces with dozens of classes devoted to database access. NET in this chapter, I'll make a rough division of these classes into three groups.How to use a Data Reader to represent records retrieved from a database table. NET classes to perform standard database tasks such as modifying and accessing database data. The first group consists of the following three classes: If you plan to build your ASP.your version is not working because you query a stored procedure.If you think of it: to work it needs all the information like keys and so on.I actually found a Microsoft article for you that has the entire code done - you can likely copy & paste whichever solution you like most.

Starting at row 16 the column names are: Attendee First Name, Attendee Last Name, Attendee PTIN, Program Number, CE Hours Awarded Program, Completion Date This is how I am attempting to write to excel This is frustrating because I pull each field directly from the column name as gotten by col Names[i] = String. You haven't set the Update Command property of clients Adapter. I see it set for the Insert, take a look at this Stack Over Flow posting and see if this helps you stackoverflow.com/questions/10535663/…

it's rather hard to tell without seeing what the build returns.

Sometimes the builder is not able to build a command from your Select - can you give us both - the select-query and the generated Update? Note that the code throws an exception on the first line (Ole Db Command Builder builder = new Ole Db Command Builder(Adapter);) and so Adapter. My select query is actually a stored procedure which pulls id, first Name and last Name from a simple table.

by Nannette Thacker As seen in previous sections of this Tutorial, our goal is to import data from an uploaded Excel Spreadsheet into our database tables.

In our last section, we covered creating our Data Set and Table Adapters for our Members and Categories tables.


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