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Morning sightseeing with a Local Guide features a drive through the Baixa quarter's main squares.Then, enjoy a walk through the cobblestone alleys of quaint ALFAMA, the popular quarter of the seamen and Fado singers.Explore the coastline of Portugal and Northern Spain on this fascinating vacation.In Portugal, you'll overnight in Lisbon and Oporto, and enjoy guided sightseeing in both cities, including the Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon, dating back to the 16th century, and the Church of Sao Francisco in Oporto, the city's most important gothic temple with construction beginning in the 14th century.You're sure to arrive back home with many stories and photos to share.

Pere Lamy, Gabrielle Bossis, Josefa Menendez, Marthe Robin, Servant of God Louise Lateau, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity, Sister Maria Antonia and others.Nothing is known of its whereabouts for the first 600 years after the disciple John saw it in the empty tomb.The reason for the silence about its existence is probably related to its function.These are just a couple of the special experiences included on this vacation.From the historical sights and the popular resorts to the local food and drink specialties, this Portugal and Northern Spain tour has it all!Enjoy [LF] a coffee at the Gran Hotel La Toja, a spa resort.


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